The Church on the Hill

The Church on the Hill

The Church on the Hill

St. Nicholas (The Church on the Hill)  is Sighişoara‘s best known church and certainly the most important out of  eight local churches.

Built on top of the 429 m high School Hill, the St. Nicholas Church (the Church on the Hill) is - together with the Clock Tower - the emblem of the town.

The layout of the church reveals that chancel, central nave and tower are not built in a straight line. Presumably, the church as we know it today, was built on the foundation of an older hall type church formerly located on this site. Assumably built in the beginning of the 13th century, it was a one-nave hall church with semicircular apse.

In the second stage, a pillar basilica with a central nave and two side aisles (but without transept), as well as the impressive bell tower were erected. The chorus of the pillar basilica was placed onto the consolidated walls of the hall church. This was how the only Transylvanian crypta was achieved. This construction, as well as the bell tower, were accomplished around the year 1300.

The pipe organ was built in 1858 by  Karl Schneider. The mechanism is very well preserved to our day.

Due to security reasons, the big bell of the church dating from 1419  had to be remade in 1667. It worked until 1767. It was cast into its actual shape in 1797 by the craftsman Michael Thallmann ( after two unsuccessful attempts). The other two bells inside the church were made in 1929 at the bell foundry „ Fritz Kuntz „ in  Sibiu.

On the South and East facade there are four stone statues placed on the buttresses showing St. Mary with the Infant (sitting) and the the three Magi ( two of them standing, and one sitting).
The 500 years anniversary of the church was celebrated in 1983, on the 25th of September.

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