The covered Staircase

The covered Staircase

The covered Staircase

THE STUDENTS‘ STAIRWAY is one of the oldest monuments in Sighişoara. It is the longest covered wooden stairway in Transylvania, measuring 101m.

Starting on the upper end of the School Lane it connects the Citadel’s Square with the top of the School Hill. It is the shortest way between these two points. It was built and covered in 1654 under the aegis of Mayor Johann Both.

It is quite certain that formerly there had been a simple flight of stairs, which enabled the citizens to reach the upper side of the School Hill, as well as the cemeteries located on its slopes. The Stairway is already mentioned in Andreas Blasius’ record in 1666.

The Students’ Stairway was restored in 1842, when it acquired its actual appearance. The number of stairs was reduced from 300 to 173.

Since the elaboration of the two entrances to the stairway (basket-handle  arch, risalits with footing and capitals) very much resembles that of a bridge torn off in 1935 (the Venchi Bridge), it is supposed that both were achieved by the same craftsmen. They were bridgebuilder Gratus Grammer and  master carpenter Christian Kiermayer.   

The intermediate landings were paved in the 1950’s with cobblestones.

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